Astro Navigation Pro-formas


Astro Navigation Pro-formas

These pro-formas are handy at leading you through the process of sight reduction.
They ensure you follow the correct process, and take you through the calculations.
They are designed to use with the standard; 
Nautical Almanac and
Sight Reduction Tables for Air Navigation (Vols 2&3).

Sun Sight Pro-Forma
Sun Sight explanation sheet (explanation of required information)
Sun Sight Overview (overview of the overall process of sun sight reduction)

Meridian Passage Pro-Forma
Planet Sight Pro-Forma
Moon sight Pro-Forma
Single Star Sight Pro-Forma 
Polaris Sight Pro-forma 

The multiple star sight pro-forma is for the '7 Selected Stars method', i.e. using the
Sight Reduction Air Tables Volume 1

Multiple Star Sight Pro-Forma 

Plotting Sheets

Plotting Sheet 1 (sheet using fixed longitude)
Plotting Sheet 2 (sheet using fixed latitude)

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